Erasmus Mundus Master programme EMship Advanced Design

 - Master of Engineering Advanced Design of Ship and Offshore Structures

The call for applications is now open!

1/ What is EMship Advanced Design ? The Masters course EMship Advanced Design has been designed and accepted in the framework of the very selective European Union programme of Excellence Erasmus Mundus. The aim of the course is to provide an outstanding higher education course in Naval Architecture, ship and offshore design, structures and production, taught by the best academic specialists and industrial experts.

2/ Who are the partners ? 
The Masters course EMship Advanced Design is an integrated Master course conducted by:  Université de Liège (Belgium) coordinator, Ecole Centrale de Nantes (France), Dunarea de Jos University of Galati (Romania), University of Genoa (Italy), University of Rostock(Germany), West Pomeranian University of Technology (Poland).
It has 7 associated partners: University of Michigan (USA), University of Osaka (Japan), Federal University of Amazon (Brazil), VIMARU Maritime University (Vietnam), University of New South Wales (Australia), University of Sciences and Technology of Oran(Algeria), ICAM : Institut Catholique d'Arts et Métiers (France)

3/ Outcomes
Students will obtain two master degrees from Université de Liège (Belgium) coordinator, Ecole Centrale de Nantes (France) with an explicit reference to the third semester mobility.
Students may take the master as a professional terminal degree, or join PhD programmes afterwards. 

Today, more than 150 alumni are now part of the EMship Advanced Design alumni network and have successful careers all over the world, in academia, innovation or industry. The consortium and its industrial network play an important role in the design of the curricula, the teaching of the cutting edge R&D that guarantee and enhance the employability of the students after graduation compared to a regular master degree.

4/ Tuition fees 
European Union students : €4,950 for the full 3-semester-course.
Non-European Union students : €9,450 per year for the full 3-semester-course..

5/ Scholarships
As  EMship Advanced Design Master holds the Erasmus Mundus label of excellence, the higher ranked students (after eligibility check and academic selection) can beneficiate from a full scholarship to join the Master programme, covering tuition fees, travel costs, living costs and insurance.

For more details about the courses, the eligibility rules, etc. please check the official website: 



SERP+ Masters course in Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Material sciences and entrepreneurship

 The SERP+ programme, coordinated by the University Paris-Sud (France), has recently received the Erasmus Mundus label. We intend to reach bachelor-level students in chemistry, physical-chemistry and materials science.

 About 15 Erasmus Mundus scholarships and 15 places for self-financed students are available.

 Applications are open until March 4th, 2017 for Erasmus Mundus scholarships and end of May for self-financed students.

See the attached flyer at the bottom of the page. For more information:   Email: 



Erasmus Mundus Master of Science in Computational Mechanics

Scholarships: Up to €48 000 per student 

Call for application on

Master programme recognized by the European Commission with the Erasmus Mundus label, Double Degree delivered



EMARO+, European Master on Advanced Robotocs 


EMARO+ has been successfully selected (July 2014) in the framework of JOINT MASTER DEGREE action of the new European Educational Project ERASMUS+. Only 9 masters have been selected among 58.


As a consequence, EMARO+ is offering ERASMUS MUNDUS Scholarships for the next three intakes (2015-2017, 2016-2018, 2017-2019). The EMARO+ program is an updated version of the previous Erasmus Mundus master EMARO.

Applications for EM scholarships are now open until 23 January 2017.

Apply here :



Master Erasmus Mundus MaMaSELF

·      Mamaself : a 2 year Master course in Materials science.

  • ·      Scholarships available for both European students  and Non-European students 
  • ·      An international Master in the framework of the Erasmus Mundus programme

Master in Materials Science Exploring Large Scale Facilities. 

Mamaself is a 2 year full time Master proposing a high level  course in Material science, physics, chemistry with strong relation to the Large Scale Facilities. Mamaself is a very interesteing Master allowing the students to study in 2 different European Institutions in an international atmosphere, experimenting as well   academic high level science  as cultural discovering. 

This Master is the result of the collaboration between five Universities: University Rennes 1, (France, coordinating institution of the program), University of Torino, (Italy)Technical University (TUM) and the Ludwig Maximilian University München (Germany) and  The University of Montpellier  (France).
Mamaself is an international Master proposing courses at these 5 universities in very interesting cities in Europe :  this is a great opportunity 
for students to combine  study and discovering Europe. All lectures are given in English, and the atmosphere is really international : a Mamaself class is composed with 2/3 Non-European students and 1/3 European students. The students especially appreciate the structure of the program with 3 key events : integration week at the beginning of the program, two-week Summerschool and Mamaself status meeting organised at the top of a mountain in Switzerland (see website for details).

The student will receive at least 2 Master degree, corresponding to his/her two places of study during the program :
 each student will spend one year in a first hosting institution, the first semester of the second Master year at another university. The last semester is dedicated to the Master thesis and can be spent at a university or at Large scale Faclities or at a partner institution in USA, Japan, Switzerland, Brazil, India and Russia at our partner institutions. 

Grants for Non-European students  

For each academic year the consortium of universities selects Non-European students who will receive a grant. The grant  for Non-European students is 21.000 euros per year. Deadline for application: 30.01.2016. Non-EU students who already spent a time in Europe can applicate in the cat B fellowship, deadline 30.1.2016.

Grants for  European students 
In the framework of the Erasmus Mundus programme, European students can apply for an  EM scholarship of 10.000€ per year.  Deadline for application is  28 February 2017.


Students must have 180 ECTS (or equivalent) in Material Science or related disciplines (Chemistry, Physics, Geoscience,…), good academic records and  good English competencies. The application must be done online on:

The deadline for submission is: 30 January 2017, the deadline for students who apply without EM grant is: 15 Mai 2017.

Instruction language is English for lectures and for all communication.


Erasmus Mundus Master Course in European Literary Cultures


In order to apply to the CLE Master’s program students must have an excellent curriculum; possess a BA-equivalent diploma (180 credits) allowing access to education Bac + 5 (i.e. Laurea triennale, Licence or a Bachelor of Arts,..); possess a university diploma having attended a class on the following subjects: Literature, Language (Expressions Techniques, Linguistic and Language Sciences, Philology), History, Art History; know at least English (minimum level B1) and the language (minimum level B1) of the University of the consortium where they intend to spend their first year in the program.