Lesego Vorster, a French Embassy Scholarship holder of 2016 - 2018 remarks on his first impressions in France. He will complete his Masters in Character Animation and Animated Film-Making at Gobelins L'école de L’image this year.

"Since my arrival in Paris, there has been a mixture of feelings between excitement and frustration. The excitement is in everything from the people I have met, the course I am currently studying, the Parisian / French life-style and being away from home - building myself up and thus the South African industry. Frustration from the amount of administration I have run into with the French government. To those who get accepted into this scholarship, please do not take the admin side lightly nor leave it for too late, because it will start to impact on your studies and your psyche.


Alas, my perspective is completely biased since Gobelins is the number 1 school in the world, so my experience here is unparalleled. I have been exposed to a level of teaching I have not previously experienced and it’s just served to highlight how much I have been lacking in my understanding of film-making, but that’s why I’m here. I can quite literally feel myself get better everyday and have already received offers from South African studios who want to snatch me up before I even finish my first year. Thus, the value I have just gained is immense and studying in France made this possible."