Meet Mercy Nqandeka, Masters in Climate Change


“My name is Mercy Nqandeka and I am from Elliotdale (Xhora), Eastern Cape.
I went to University of Fort Hare where I did a BSc degree in Crop and Soil Science, and BSc Honours and Master’s degrees in Soil Science. During my postgraduate studies I worked with Prof Isaiah Wakindiki (Honours) and Dr Johan van Tol (Master’s), who have added a great value to my academic life.

I have been in France since June 28th.  I have enrolled in M2 programme in Agriculture, Climate Change and Transitions (ACT). The programme gives an opportunity for students to study in two different European countries.  I have already done M1 in Climate Change and Food Security (CCAFS) at the National University of Ireland.

I received the scholarship through F'SAGRI from the University of Fort Hare. Thanks to Dr Catherine Constant, Dr Laurence Mioche and Prof. Voster Muchenge, who introduced the scholarship to me and tirelessly helped me throughout the application process.

I have had a smooth preparation for my journey to France, special thanks to Narine and Jannike (Campus France officers). My arrival was also seamless, thanks to Gisele Andre who picked me from the airport and made sure that I had a residence.

I did a two-week French course and I'm now having my farm internship at St Chanion (where I'm learning about organic farming and learning French at the same time). It wouldn't be a success without help of Didier Pillot, Sophie Jean and Olga Collin.

I am planning to continue with my studies and
obtain a PhD (preferably a collaboration between a South African university and a French university).” 


Mercy and her friend Avuyile Xabadiya have recently written a review paper on the heating issue of land reform that has been selected and published by HuffPost. Read more about it: