At 16, Sarah Jeankins went on a three-month exchange to France. Living in the small town of Poitiers, she fell in love with the complexities and quirks of the French culture and acquired an adoration for potent cheese.  She has gone back to France subsequently for holidays and language courses and attests that - from Bordeaux to Paris to Nice - every corner of the country offers something different and yet, something exactly the same. A sense of a home away from home. These trips were where the foundation was laid and I have been researching studying opportunities there for a while.

The adventure of being out of my comfort zone, meeting new and exciting people and learning a language fluently drew her to France and of course - the morning croissants!

She believes that the degree that she will obtain in France will provide her with the vocational skills to pinpoint communication strategies for NGOs as well as provide her with an extensive network to draw on. 

"I am so grateful for the opportunity that this scholarship has allowed and the continued support of my Campus France officers that make moving overseas a little less daunting!"