Short-stay visas are governed by European regulations.

The new European visa code sets forth uniform rules for short-stay visas in the Schengen area. Short-stay visas now take one of two forms:
Airport transit visas restrict the holder to the international terminal of the airport. (Only certain nationalities are subject to this limitation.)
Uniform visas valid throughout the Schengen area permit stays of up to 3 months within a given 6-month period. The number of days during which the holder may remain in the Schengen Area is specified on the visa sticker, along with the validity period of the visa, which may be up to 5 years provided the holder's passport remains valid during that time.
In exception cases, consulates may issue visas vaid in just one Schengen state.

Depending on the purpose of the visa request, the uniform visa may provide for one entry, two entries, or multiple entries into the Schengen Area. The holder of a uniform visa may move freely throughout the Schengen area.

The uniform visa may not be renewed in France or elsewhere in the Schengen area, except in cases of force majeure, for humanitarian reasons, or in exceptional personal circumstances.

Students wishing to engage in language training or other short instructional programs are eligible for this visa.

Please note that with effect from 25 october 2005, all applicants residing in the provinces of Gauteng, Kwazulu-Natal, Mpumalanga, North West, Free State and Lesotho will be required to schedule an appointment with the French Consulate before applying for a Schengen visa. Appointments may be scheduled online at :