The User account is a dedicated and personalised space which allows you to have access to tailor-made information according to the details which you entered when you created the account.

The fields 'Level of Education', 'Country', 'Status' and 'Key-words' allow for the extracting of relevant information such as site pages, news and student testimonials. You have the possibility of entering several key-words by holding down the 'ctrl' button when you are selecting the key-words.
Once your account has been created, you can at any time access your personal page by clicking on the link 'My account' which can be found at the top right of the website page.

The  icon can be found on every page and allows you to bookmark pages which you will be able to access at a later stage. You can at any time find these bookmarked pages under 'Favorites' which is an option present in your account.

Your account also allows your CampusFrance office to send you alerts for important and relevant information which you will find as soon as you have logged into your account.

You can subscribe to 'Notifications' which will give you information on the latest news.

As for your personal information (photo, password) these can be changed at any time.